Projects 2

KolpoKoushol: A Knowledge Initiative

I, along with a few other MIT students and alumni, recently started a knowledge initiative in Bangladesh called KolpoKoushol. There will be a lot of updates coming from this initiative in the next few weeks.

MIT Shenzhen Manufacturing Bootcamp 2015

I was lucky to be selected as one of the participants from MIT Media Lab to attend the supply manufacturing boot camp in 2015. In an intense 6 week program in Shenzhen, we learned how to work with the local resources and market in Shenzhen to build hardware devices. The tour was exciting and enriching in many ways. This is a series of blog posts detailing some key parts of my journey.

  1. Navigation 101 (Survival and necessities)
  2. Navigation 102 (Local electronics markets)
  3. Leather Factory Visit
  4. Zipper Factory Visit
  5. Mannequin Factory Visit
  6. Wire Bonding Factory Visit
  7. Injection Molding Factory Visit
  8. Materials City Visit
  9. Navigation 201 (Sourcing and Bargaining Parts)
  10. Navigation 202 (Train, Bus, High Speed Rail experience)
  11. Electronics Production Tips
  12. How to start a business in China (for a foreigner)
  13. Food, Etiquette, Office Culture

Makers’ Lab Workshop (Bangladesh)

In January 2015, I organized and conducted a workshop in Bangladesh solely on making hardware and Human-Computer interfaces. The topics taught were: embedded devices, augmented reality, and data visualization. In the context of Bangladesh, the topics were quite new, and my hope is to eventually spread a wave of new technology knowledge across the country. It was a 6-day workshop with 21 participants from different universities and districts, selected from an applicant pool of 150 undergraduate students. Here’s a Facebook album showing a glimpse of what happened. And a documentary video showing all the final projects developed by my workshop students, and a short speech from me. The workshop was facilitated by Toru, an innovation organization in Bangladesh.

MS Thesis Defense

Slides from my MS thesis defense: pdf

Frontiers in Math & Computing Workshop

I organized a workshop titled “Frontiers in Mathematics and Computer Science” at the public library of Salt Lake City, Utah. The aim was to discuss the frontiers in mathematics and computer science with high school students and interested elders. We will try out some applications and software to aid the discussion. My hope is to raise awareness about mathematics and its uses.

Slides from day 1: pdf, pptx

Assignment 1: Write a short response on one of the literary works present in the Math Fiction archive.

Slides from day 2: pdfpptx


Python: Download

Pygame: Download

Example programs: evolving text and music using genetic algorithms – GitHub Link (click on ‘Download Zip’ at the bottom right corner of the page). One of the programs uses MIDI to create “generative music”. You can learn more about MIDI and digital music here. And yes, you are invited to experiment with my code. 🙂


I went to the UEN SciFi Show to talk about a movie and the current thrust of international collaboration between scientists. Basically, as one of the research students in my current institute (SCI), I was invited to go to the show and talk about some science! I was a bit nervous and didn’t have much preparation, but here it is anyway. 🙂

UEN TV Podcast Interview


Here are a few selected presentations that Igave in different interesting venues.


Digital Humanities Workshop: I was an invited speaker at this workshop that brought together researchers from humanities and computer science together. Due to my natural interests in the humanities and past projects in collaboration with humanity scholars, I wanted to contribute to this workshop. Consequently, I was given a spot to talk about my previous collaborative project on visualizing religious scriptures and its possible usage in one of the problems presented in the workshop. Here are the slides.


REU students Talk: The slides (minus the videos) that won me the best talk award among all the other student talks at the Jefferson Particle Physics Facility, July 2010.

muSR Conference 2011 Poster.


At times, I do try to write short stories. Many of my stories are in Bengali – my mother tongue. These are all experimental work, nothing professional!

A letter from a baffled friend (dedicated to one of my scientist friends)

প্রতিশ্রুতি (short story)

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