Shada Kalo

I am a hobbyist musician, and I love dabbling around with guitars in my spare time. Shada Kalo is my experimental project to explore and compose different genres of music. I have a small home studio where I delve into all these adventures during summer weekends. I play most of the instruments in my songs (which are just guitars, bass, keyboard, and drums). Recording and mixing is done using Cubase.

During my undergraduate years, I played in the Chinese Music Ensemble, where I learned to play the Guzheng and Dee (Chinese flute).

I listen to:
(Bangla) Mohiner Ghoraguli, Shironamhin, Anjan Dutta, James, Band Lalon. (and many others)
(Outside Bangladesh) Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Dire Straits, Guns n Roses, U2, Traditional Chinese Ensemble.

My Gears are:

Guitars: Epiphone Explorer GT, Ibanez Acoustic, and Epiphone Les Paul Special II, Drums: Alesis DM6, Bass Guitar: Ibanez GSRM20M, Keyboard: Alesis Q49 MIDI, Mics: MXL-V60 Condenser, Shure SM58 Dynamic, Amp: Fender Mustang I, Effects: Digitech RP360 and Zoom G1XN Ext, Recording and Mixing: Cubase 5, Other Software: Max/MSP, Guitar Rig 5, various VST instruments.

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